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4/10/06 08:07 pm - shadowstohidein

So, I get bored a lot and decided to try my hand at Windows Movie Maker movie making.

Take a look.

(This is my first attempt at a video using WMM. Despite the sound being a little messed up a couple of times and one of the pictures of The Rev saying Zacky Vengeance, I'd say it's not too bad!)

2/17/06 10:26 am - __idiotxx - my fav synyster pic

i absolutely adore this picture.

pic this wayyyy!Collapse )

1/31/06 07:29 pm - writerofictions

+6 Zacky Vengeance
+2 Synyster Gates
+1 Zacky/Syn

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

The rest are here!

1/21/06 02:22 pm - simplegloryday

hey.. I'm new to this community, so I thought I'd leave a few pics..
You've probably all seen them before, but oh well.

Over here...Collapse )

1/11/06 07:06 pm - xixamxsinx

Interview with Syn, Rev and Johnny

P.S. - Syn's wearing a hat, tube socks and boxers .. and that's it. He's pretty damn drunk haha

10/22/05 06:24 pm - emptypromises13 - New Forum

Hey guys, this is a new forum for Avenged Sevenfold, just made and we have been getting a lot of new people. I would really appreciate it if you guys joined.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
^click. and join! :)

10/18/05 03:29 pm - caricature


All the info you need to know is on the first post. :)

We were finishing everything last night on it. rofl. Oh, well. Two communities are better then one, right?

And to bring you a picture and not just pimping...

Picture here!Collapse )

9/30/05 08:35 am - waningsmile_

I just decided to make a little introduction-ish thing about myself if that's all good. I'm a huge fan of 'Sevenfold. Obviously. Being that this is a Synyster community, I'll keep my ranting relevant to the topic. :)
I thought he was incredibly talented the first time I heard him on Sounding The Seventh Trumpet, and I fell in love with each of his solo's on Waking The Fallen and City of Evil. I admire him so much as a guitarist, and I truly look up to him [as well as my other favourites; Dimebag, Slash, and Gene Simmons].
I don't like him because of his looks, by any means [even though I do have to admit I have a lot of pictures I look at on a daily basis :)], and I just think that over time, he'll definately become one of the great guitarists.

9/3/05 02:34 pm - innocentgirl_13 - im new

Hi. I'm MJ. I'm new.
Huge fan of A7X and Syn. He is definetly my favorite guitarist ever. I am just completely blown away by his talent. I could listen to him play all day. Anyway.
Yeah, just thought I'd introduce myself so ... there.

8/30/05 09:54 pm - tyelar_fawkes - A Little Help Please . . .

Blah, Blah, Blah--> Fake Cut Here.Collapse )
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