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synysterfans's Journal

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If you were looking for a community for Mr. Synyster Gates, look no more!

Community Rules:

♥You must be a fan of Synyster Gates or A7X to join.
♥If you dig the Syn just because of his looks, keep the fuck out. Yeah, its acceptable to think the man is attractive, but you've gotta have respect and dig his talent.
♥No bashing other members. I do understand that we're probably going to have a few idiots, yes, but pay no mind. If they get out of hand, either I or the other mod will have no problems banning said idiot.
♥All pictures or extremely lengthy entries must be behind an LJ cut. For those of you who don't know what that is..it looks like this < lj-cut text="headliner"> pictures, long entries, stories, whatever< /lj-cut> only without the spaces between < and lj-cut or between < and /lj-cut.
♥Please...don't be a dumbass. We will not hesistate to ban you. It doesn't break our hearts.
♥Lastly, don't type like an idiot (Ex: lyke omfg lol teh sinister haz a communitie!), or your stay here at the Lovely Synyster Gates community will be a short one.

Questions, comments, concerns, complaints, compliments, add-ins or whatever, email your Modness at: AvengedKitten@wakingthefallen.com (Ashley) or xscrewhello@yahoo.com (Jessica)

Your Friendly Moderators:

slow____motion and xlittlepadawan

Your banners

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And finally, keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle and enjoy the ride!

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